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Ecoticket is a R&D Portuguese company, an University spin-off founded in 2008, with the original purpose of developing friendly insect repellent products to replace the most used and toxic product in the market.

Ecoticket developed a disruptive insect repellent based on a new binding technology, drastically increasing the durability, versatility wihtout harming the environment.

Our technology coats the surfaces of textiles, versatile to the point that it can be applied by any textile process, exhaustion or continuously. It can also be applied to other surfaces by spray, so as to protect the surrounding space from bitting insects.


Ecoticket also provides functionalized silica particles technology.

With the emergence of the Corona vírus in 2019, Ecoticket developed a new technology to bind antimicrobials to surfaces, that proved to be effective to its elimination in a matter of seconds, keeping a long term active protective layer. This technology is proven to be effective against SARS-COV-2 by a certified laboratory.

All our test reports are done in reputable laboratories both national and international.

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The mission of Ecoticket is to support companies who have the same ambition of dealing with the plagues of this world, by protecting the human body to their attack by way of contact with the skin. Diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Zica are transmitted by mosquitos, and Lyme disease by ticks, through a bite on our skin allowing the entrance to our body of their deadly bacteria and virus.

We aim to avoid the landing of mosquitos on surfaces such as clothes, that protect the human body as a physical barrier.

Other applications are on the walls of the rooms where we live, making it a hostile environment for the mosquito to enter.

Contaminated surfaces on the other hand can transmit the bacteria or virus, such as Corona virus, through contact by touch or directly by inhalation of contaminated droplets of saliva. We aim to protect surfaces that the virus might be deposited, be it protective masks or protective clothes, or surfaces exposed to the human touch, such as door handles, chairs and tables.

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